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* Do you know what DNS is?

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The DNS or Domain Name System is often referred to as the "backbone of the internet". This is not far from true. It helps us find the location of domains, hosts, and other devices. It also works with most of the internet services.

Imagine the DNS as the internet’s phonebook. There, all the domains are listed with their IP addresses. People use the names, the servers use IP addresses, and everything just works.

How does DNS work?

DNS started as a domain name to IP address translator, but now it is widely used for many purposes. There are more than 50 DNS types, each with a different purpose. MX records for incoming email servers, CNAME records for showing the true name of a host, PTR for IP address to hostname pointing, and more.

The DNS technology is a bit difficult to understand but sure is very interesting. Here we have an article that can further expand your knowledge - What is DNS?